debt-free life

With the new year approaching quickly – I am making changes! I am on my journey to a debt-free life and I encourage you to follow along, read some tips, and maybe you too can be helped by my money saving tips!

Buying a new house and making it over this past year has been insanely joyful, but it also came with a price-tag. I’ve been smart about things by thrifting and repurposing a lot of what’s in my house; i’ve also done 100% of the labor myself, but I still have tactics to help ease the cost. I don’t want to stop making my house a home, but I don’t want to dig myself into a debt-hole even further with it either, so I am taking a stand to decorate my home + become debt-free.

Tactics + resources

I will be compiling this list as I go on my journey through out year, but for now I am starting with the simple things I use on a daily basis.


I used E-bates (now called RAKUTEN) for every online purchase I make. If you aren’t familiar with Rakuten, it’s an incredible tool. It’s essentially a third party company that you sign up for an account with – completely free. I downloaded the little Chrome extension for Rakuten and every time I go to a website to make a purchase (which if you are like me, is very frequently) it tells me how much cash back i’m getting. It also tells you of any current promo codes the website has (double savings!) I just “activate” the E-bates by clicking on the extension button, and after my purchase, I get cash back instantly into my Rakuten account. Rakuten will pay you out via check, PayPal or with an online gift card 4 times a year. So far this year I’ve made over $300 using Rakuten. I got paid out just in time to buy all my Christmas gifts – essentially you are getting paid to shop.

Sign up yourself with my link and start saving. If you are going to shop online already, it would be silly not to use this free service!
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