How to decorate your patio on a budget

As an interior designer, you’d think that designing outdoor spaces would be easy for me. hint hint it’s not! Decorating patios, decks, outdoor living’s a whole new ballgame and it’s not the simplest. One of the main reasons my deck sat vacant for 8 months after I moved it was because I had no idea what to do with it and even more than that, I couldn’t afford to make it look nice. That’s what I thought at least! Outdoor furniture is so expensive…am I the only one who is always stick shocked by how much an outdoor sofa is? However this year, I decided to do what I can with what I have and stretch my dollar far to make my deck useable and cute! I learned a lot while I was piecing it together and ended up transforming my deck for under $50. Now I want to share some thrifty ways I did this with you! Don’t break the bank! : Prioritize money If you have a budget, no matter how small, prioritize the bulk of the cash towards furniture. Furniture is the base of the space (obviously) and even if all you can afford this season is a new set of chairs, you can still bank on that and thrift for the accessories. I use 75% of my funds for furniture and then 25% for decor. : Lighting Maybe your house is like mine – there is one dingey outdoor light from 1985 that gives off […]

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