Traveling with Fido

My boyfriend and I bought our house, and an SUV for two reasons. First, we wanted to invest in property, and second, our precious pup needed a yard. Have you ever tried to keep a 70lb pit-bull in an apartment? Imagine caging a Tasmanian devil..that’s what we were dealing with. Now he as an acre of fenced in green space! And the SUV..well that was for Wilbur (the pup) too. See..we are those crazy dog parents who take our dog everywhere. Farmers market, parks, festivals..and of course, all of our vacations (that don’t require flying). Wilbur is part of the family, and essentially our child, so when we started traveling with him, it was quickly made clear to me that put putting him in the back of the car and just winging it wasn’t going to cut it. I’ve grown up with dogs, all big, all energetic, and all of them traveled with my family. There is nothing like having your four-legged best friend join you on your adventures! If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you too need help on figuring out how to travel with your dog. So whether your pooch is a teeny tiny, or you have a bear of dog like me, with just a few tricks, and some key products, traveling with your dog can be stress-free and simplified for both of you.   Safety The most important thing when traveling with your dog is safety of course! I put Wilbur in a crate that […]

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