how to travel on a tiny budget

When I started my debt-free journey, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go a whole year without traveling, which lead me to scrounging up all my tips for how to travel on a tiny budget. There’s a common theme among people these days, especially millennials..we all want to see the world..and we are all broke (cue tears + laughter). Good thing is, with a little extra work, and help from blogs like mine, it’s possible to travel and save money. I haven’t figured out to how to travel for free yet*** but I have figured out how to do it on a realistic budget, which is good for now! MONEY SAVING TIPS + TRICKS AIRLINES I almost always prefer flying over driving..but the price of flights can deter most people. Finding inexpensive flights may seem like finding a needle in a haystack, but I promise it’s simpler than that. Here are some budget travel tips I’ve learned when booking a flight: Tuesdays have the cheapest fares. This is when airlines post tickets on “sale”. They are snagged quickly, so if you’re trying to book a flight, try around 6-8am on a Tuesday morning for the best fares. January and February the the cheapest times of the year to travel via airplane (domestic flights). April and October are the most budget friendly months to fly internationally. Traveling during the summer and around holidays is always going to be the most expensive, so being flexible with your dates will help you […]

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