Modern Boho Budget Bathroom Makeover

modern boho bathroom makeover


I’ve been teasing you all about a bathroom makeover since I moved into my 1970’s house. The vanilla color on the walls..cabinets, countertops..paired with the grey floors made for a horrific sight. Plus the faded green curtain on the rusty metal rod? So cute, right? I know, I know, it could’ve been worse. I wasn’t dealing with yellow or pink tile or some horrific peeling wallpaper, but still, it was uninspired for lack of a better word.

Last week I shared my inspiration for my bathroom and the elements I loved from each picture. You can check that post out here. 

There were elements I knew I wanted in my bathroom, like brushed gold (DUH) and high contrast design. I also always loved the idea of a Vintage/Persian style rug in a bathroom space, so I made it my mission to find one. Just like my thrifty kitchen makeover [if you haven’t checked that out yet, you don’t want to miss it] I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg – I capped my budget at $200, and ended up spending $170! I love budget makeovers, especially when I surprise myself and come in under budget.

A lot of the items I already owned, like the soap holder, tray, plants and some of the baskets. What I really was searching for were the big impact elements, and I was on the hunt for deals!

Before I show you the after, let me show you what I was working with.

bathroom makeover before

bathroom makeover

There was nothing special about this bathroom, and the only thing that wasn’t older than me was the floor and light fixture, which were kept (for now) . It does get great natural light and is relatively spacious, so there were some positive aspects here folks.

160 dollars and 48 hours later, we have this…

bohemian bathroom

I am so happy with how it all turned out! I painted my back wall and the wall above the tub black – specifically Onyx Black from Valspar [links at end of post]. I was super nervous about this, but i’ve been talking about painting a wall black in my house since I moved in. My boyfriend..and frankly everyone including the lady mixing my paint, thought I was insane. A black wall? And a black wall in a small bathroom? SO.MUCH.YES. It came out incredible – i’m biased I know, but the high contrast of the black wall to the white cabinet and marble counters just makes this bathroom look rich.

boho bathroom

bathroom makeover

modern boho bathroom update

All in the details..

The Countertop Makeover

I love using contact paper. I had used it before in a bathroom wayyyy back in college for a bathroom makeover and was so floored by the results, that I decided to try it again in this bathroom. I love marble…real marble. But since my budget was capped at $200 and my timeline was 48 hours, obviously that was out of the question. Now this isn’t real, or even close, I mean it’s paper people, but it covers my chippy 1970’s countertops and adds a bright touch. You can buy this on Amazon (only place I’ve found this one) for less than $10. Pretty amazing! It’s easy to apply, and one roll covered my entire 3 foot counter, with some to spare! Check out the Marble Gloss Vinyl Film here!

Plant Lady

When planning my boho bathroom, I knew plants had to be in the mix. I also can’t keep plants alive. Well most plants. So I bought an air-plant (from Aldi’s) because I heard they were extremely low maintenance, and figured he’d be a cute touch! I also have two existing plants I added to the space. It’s really a nice touch to add some living greenery to the bathroom, and I plan on adding a few more in the future.

Boho Shower Curtain

I’ve also had a million questions on where I bought my shower curtain. I love it, and I think it’s my favorite thing in this entire makeover! It’s stunning, and the first thing I bought for my space (I actually bought this a month before I even got keys to my new house. It was love at first site.) I found it at Target for $24.99 – it’s from their new Opalhouse brand, which is swoon-worthy if you don’t already know that. You can buy it too – here.

My $10 Steal

I almost gave up the search for my vintage rug. The weekend was coming to an end..and I didn’t want to buy a new one online because to me that feels like cheating. It just so happens, as I was letting the paint dry, I was perusing Facebook Marketplace and a neighbor of mine listed a 3’x5′ 100% wool vintage Persian rug for sale. For $10. I literally leapt off the sofa and screamed my talk-to-text to her! Needless to say, I love my rug. It was the finishing touch in my bathroom..and not only do I enjoy it, but someone else in the household thinks it was MADE for him…


boho rug


I found some artwork at Big Lots that had a tropical feel, but also pulled the wood element in from the shelves. All about balance.

big lots

I needed extra storage, so I found these amazing shelves on Amazon and put them above the toilet for some open storage! Well, my boyfriend put them up, but I styled them, and I love them. I have been on the search for good shelves, but didn’t want laminated ones or cheap looking shelves,which was all I could find. When I found these sturdy real-wood ones that were not only affordable, but were Amazon Prime, I ordered them immediately. You can buy my Floating Wall Shelves here.

More Pictures

I love breaking down the costs for you, so you can understand how to achieve a makeover on a tight budget!

Total: $170

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