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When Brian and I decided that 2019 would be our year to get debt free, I knew we had to start January 2019 out strong. I’m a firm believer in going cold turkey with things, especially things that negatively effect your life. That’s why I am starting out this year with some strict tactics for myself to get into the habit of living simply and breaking old spending habits. I’m writing my top 7 tactics I am going to use to success in my debt-free journey – I determined these were best for me. They may not be best for you, but overall they are ideas that can help you pay off debt, save money, and live more simply! No Spend January This is a popular tactic to use in January, and it’s going to be a huge challenge for me – which is why I’m starting the year off with it. If I tackle my BIGGEST challenge first, then all the little challenges will be seemingly simpler. How to do a “no spend” month? Don’t spend any money outside of necessities. Necessities are bills, food, gas, basic care items, utilities, etc. Not a necessity; a $4 latte. Get the picture? ONLY buy what you absolutely need. Tips for doing this successfully: Don’t use credit cards Stop Amazon auto-ship (unless those are your 100% necessary items you buy) Do free date-nights Stop using Credit Cards This is a hard one for me (and for many!) I trapped myself into the […]

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