Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary: why it matters for your health

1. a room furnished, primarily for sleeping
7. any place of refuge; asylum.

bedroom sanctuary

When I moved into my new house, I focused on the rooms I felt needed the most TLC. My outdated kitchen and boring bathroom to name two. They did in-fact need a lot of love from me, and I poured all my energy into them, but I abandoned the most important room in my house; my bedroom. Creating a bedroom sanctuary and why it matters for my health never crossed my mind; I have to work on practicing what I preach!

I’ll start by saying it doesn’t matter what your style is. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, the size of your home, your marital status, if you have kids, if you pet is your child, your occupation, your gender, race, or age. It doesn’t matter, because everybody in the world sleeps. We all understand that concrete concept right?

But do you understand what your bedroom does for you?

A bedroom should be a safe space. For kids it’s their own space, regardless if they share it with a sibling or two. Have you ever met a child who was so excited to show you their room and so proud of everything in it, because to them it’s their safe space, it’s catered to them. A child’s room is fun, it’s bright, it’s full of toys, cozy bedding, child-sized furniture. It’s adorned in things that make the child happy.

Fast forwards – teenagers rooms. They are always evolving. Posters on the wall, trendy decor, clothes everywhere. Or the opposite, but that doesn’t matter. A teenagers room reflects their adolescent. You walk into a 15-year old boys room and you know who it belongs to.

Now let’s fast forward to adults. Maybe we buy a nice sofa, we buy that larger dining table for our expanding families, or we invest in a kitchen update so we can entrain more. Maybe we are single professionals and we spend money every weekend with our friends at the trendy new spot in town. But we ALL return at night to sleep in our bed. We all end the night in our bedroom.

Maybe for (so many of us) our bedroom is a catch all. Oh my gosh am I guilty of this. My clothes are everywhere except where they are supposed to be. Like why did I even buy a dresser? My dog, Wilbur, has totally taken over the floor space with his bed, array of blankets and toys, and I never did anything about it. I also never make my beautiful throw pillows and blankets sit on the floor next to my bed, so why did I even buy them? Does this sound familiar to you? I’m guessing it’s a yes! 

Do we not feel we deserve a sanctuary to sleep in, to wake up in, to heal in?

Not to mention, romance is where the bedroom lives, but how sexy is piled up laundry, old bedding, no headboard, and a bright ceiling-fan light? Got you thinking, didn’t I!

So let me say this: You deserve a bedroom sanctuary space. You know you do. You see bedrooms on Pinterest and imagine jumping into that picture and escaping for a little while. You want to dive into the beautiful beds at the home store (not just me, right?) You want a place to retreat to after a long night of studying, after a night out with friends, after putting the kids to bed…it’s essential. No way around that.

Maybe you’re saying, okay that’s a nice thought and I understand, but I can’t afford that. Well let me tell you something. Can you afford the stress, more sleepless nights, the endless thoughts of wanting to have a space that’s yours? Imagine what it would be like to have a bedroom, a dream bedroom. Feels good right? Indulge. Treat yourself. You deserve it. You work hard; you need a beautiful and serene place to recharge.

Waking up in a space that inspires you, and puts you on the right path can literally change your mood, day, and life.

It’s a total wake up call to me, how my bedroom effects me. Which is why it’s on my list now..not my entry way, not my kitchen, living room..all those spaces are important but my bedroom is mine. It’s a safe space, a place to refuel, and it’s time to make my bedroom be part of my self-care regiment.

Here are a few tips I can give you to start making your bedroom sanctuary a reality:

  • Put items away that don’t belong in the bedroom. If your room is catch-all, start by cleaning up; and that includes putting clothes away!
  • Open the blinds: let all the natural light in that you can. Of course when you need privacy, keep them shut, but let natural light flood your space – this does wonders for your mood
  • Make your bed. Even if you have the rattiest and oldest bedding, make your bed, tuck in your sheets, fluff your pillows. It will make all the difference in the world when you start taking care of your bedroom.
  • Declutter and simplify. Remove things that no longer serve you joy – outdated decor, artwork, photographs. Put it in a box and remove it from the space. Don’t fill up your space just to fill it up – the bedroom should be simple and joyful.
  • Change your lighting. Add lamps to your nightstand, put string lights on your headboard; ad some type of light that isn’t a harsh over head light. This will help in many ways, as lighting has a direct effect on your mind.
  • Keep it neutral. I am all about bold colors and boho vibes and eclectic mixes as you know – but a bedroom should be calm and peaceful. It’s a place for a simpler color palette and colors that evoke peace, not energy. IE no red walls or loud & crazy bedspreads. Simplicity and softness are the answer here!
  • Remove technology. Now not everyone will agree with me here, but I keep technology out of the bedroom. That means my laptop never enters, there are no TV’s ever, and my cell phone charges elsewhere. Even if you just eliminate the TV, you’ll be shocked as to how immediately serene your space will become.


(Having trouble creating your dream bedroom sanctuary? Ask me for help. I have design services starting at just $197)


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  1. Love these tips! It’s so true that where you wake up and how it’s put together can totally change your whole outlook for the day. Thanks for sharing!

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