DIY Wood Desk

At I sit here, writing my blog post at my newly built DIY wood desk, I’m so excited! Maybe it’s the fact that I worked from home from a 30″ child’s desk for 2 years or the fact that this crate desk turned out better than I ever expected it too! Sometimes I go into DIY projects just hoping for the best, because i’ll be honest, as many DIY wins i’ve had equals how many DIY fails I’ve had too. Live and learn baby, right? I am the kind of person who spreads out all my papers, has about 10 mugs on my desk, and two monitors going at all times, so I need a desk that was long. I scoured the stores and online sites, only finding cheap looking computer desks that spanned over 60″ OR desks ranging in the $3 – 5k range – so I knew I had to get crafty. Crates & Old Wood? I’ve always loved reclaimed wood, crates, vintage wooden items, industrial things, etc. You get it! One day as I was mindlessly shopping at Michaels Craft Store (so just another Monday) I came across their crates, $10 a pop, and thought, those would make great shelves. A few more trips to the thrift door and salvage yard, and I had enough crates, lumbar and hardware to craft a desk that would work for me. The way I constructed the DIY wood desk was all through trial and error, but now that it’s been in […]

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