Fall Decorating Ideas on a budget!

I’m so excited to write about all my fall decorating ideas on a budget, yet it feels funny writing this post while I sit in my living room in a tank top and shorts – but that’s September in the South I suppose! Leave it to a relocating Yankee to state something obvious like that. On the other hand, in the design world, it feels like i’m writing this article late – because like fashion, design is always a season ahead!

In my home, I have only just begun my fall decorating – primarily in the kitchen and entryway, but ooohh boy do I have a lot more to do. This is my first house, so watch out world, walking into my house will be like walking into a Pumpkin Spice latte…you get the picture.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fall decorating ideas on a budget! Some of these ideas are my own, and some are inspired by other amazing individuals. Happy decorating friends!

Fall Decor Dollar Store Pumpkins

fall decorating ideas on a budget

You can do countless things with dollar store pumpkins, but here are a few of my favorite ideas!

  1.  Spray Paint them and put a glass candle votive inside (like seen above) both can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!
  2. Spray Paint them jade, gold, silver, white and create a centerpiece with them by alternating sizes and colors down the center of the table (add a few acorns and candles too for fun!)
  3. Using Mod Podge, cover them in ribbon (like burlap ribbon)
  4. Glue a dollar store plate on top of a pumpkin for a fun autumn serving plate
  5. Stack them from largest to smallest, gluing each one for a pumpkin topiary (paint them first!)

Fall Decor Garland

fall decorating ideas on a budget

I bought garland from the Target Dollar section and strung it up everywhere. You can easily make it though!

  • You’ll need twine string and faux leafs; hole punch a small hole in the top of the leaf and string the twine through – you can hang this across windows, mirrors, fireplaces, you name it
    • you can use felt leafs (either precut or you can cut them) felt pumpkins,etc
  • Get letters used for scrapbooking and do that same thing as stated above; cut holes to spell out words with garland. I have “Thankful” across my entryway mirror currently, but you could do any fall related word. This is simple and super cheap!
    • Try spraying the words in gold glitter spray for a little fall glam

There are about 400 garland ideas for fall on Pinterest – follow my Fall Decor Board for more Inspiration!

Fall Decor Lighting

fall decorating ideas on a budget

Many people thing lighting is just for Christmas, but I love using lighting year round. I have twinkle led strings that I tangle through my pumpkins and centerpieces. You can find LED lighting at craft stores, Walmart, Target, etc.

  • String it through your garland for a pretty feature around the fireplace
  • Bundle lights up inside a mason jar or lantern instead of candles – this great for fireplaces, tables and stairwells
  • They even sell acorn and leaf string lights – adorable for a front porch!

Fall Decor Prints

fall decorating ideas on a budget

Do you have a gallery wall or frames that could use freshened up? This is my favorite thrifty trick for all holidays! I switch out prints in my gallery wall for holiday ones. For fall, I love using rustic colored botanical prints (Blesser house has amazing free ones!)

  • I’ve used season themed napkins form the dollar store and framed them
  • Use vintage postcards with fall decor/colors
  • Dry leafs out and press them on parchment or seeded paper and frame them for a high-end botanical look

Fall Decor Textiles

fall decorating ideas on a budget

I’m not a fan of going all-out with themed table clothes and napkins..but changing the colors up with warmer and deeper colors works great for fall. It adds instant coziness! If your house is more of a modern or neutral scheme, try using cool colored fall decor like white and jade green (super popular this year!)

I like to add a chunky knit blanket to my sofa, drape a plaid scarf or two out of my baskets in my entryway, and maybe even toss in a few fall inspired pillows.

You don’t have to go out and buy fall pillows – that can add up quickly! I like to swap my pillow covers seasonly, which is pretty budget friendly. I have quite a few large plaid scarfs that I place around the house for fall decor – it’s free because I already have it!

Add some flowers with colors like red, orange, brown and yellow around in different vases for an instant fall decor vibe!

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