Turning a New Leaf

It’s been a long time, well a long time in blogger-time, since i’ve posted on this blog. I took a permanent leave from social media in July 2020, and haven’t blogged since before that. I don’t miss Instagram one tiny bit, but I do miss blogging. That is one reason I’ve decided to bring this ole site back from the grave.

Another reason, my husband and I are starting a new journey. We are working on our plans to full time RV, and it’s something I want to document and share, if only to help and inspire others. I don’t plan to have Instagram again, but I do plan to share RVing stuff here. Trust me, I already have the RV makeover planned to a T, so that will surely make it here.

As people, we grow and evolve. My Eclectic Grace means so much to me; my life is eclectic and crazy and unique. I have a lot to share, and just because i’m not showing up daily on your IG stories doesn’t mean I have to stop sharing content that can live on, and truly help someone. This is my growth and evolution.

I will be blogging yet again, so if you want to subscribe to be notified when knew posts are live, please do! I’ll try to be consistent, but let’s be real…I have never been a consistent blogger!

Happy to be back! xx

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