Best online rug stores: on a budget

Shopping for rugs can be annoying, overwhelming, and truly like you are spinning tires. If you order it online, you can’t always tell the true quality and the colors can appear different in person…and if you go in store, you can feel limited by the choices unless you’re dishing out major bucks. I’ve had experience with amazing rugs, so-so ones and ones I will never buy again, and i’m going to break it down for you!

best rug store

my favorite online rug stores


affordable rugs online

RugsUSA is by far my favorite place to rug shop! Not only is the selection enormous (pretty much every rug your mind can imagine) but their prices are hard to beat.
When you buy your first rug, you get 40% off your purchase. On RugsUsa, there are constant sales – I’ve gotten PROMO codes for them up to 80% off, and they have free shipping on all orders within the US.

I’ve bought many rugs from them – and they carry everything from $10 matts to $4,000 wool rugs.


No surprise that Amazon is on the list, right? Amazon pretty much has everything your heart desires..delivered to you in 2 days (Hello Prime), so when you want to see that area rug right now in your living room, you pretty much can. The only issue is Amazon can make it difficult to return (if you don’t like the rug).

I’ve ordered 3 rugs now from Amazon, and haven’t had to return a single one though because I loved them all! I also like getting my rug from Amazon because you can read the reviews and often times see pictures of the rug in real customers spaces. This helps with the very real challenge of color accuracy when buying a rug online.


ruggable rugs

I’ll start by saying I personally have not purchased a rug from Ruggable, however I’ve had many home decor enthusiasts and friends swear by their Ruggable rugs – most have went back to purchase a second one.

Their rugs are machine washable, spill + stain resistant, made in the USA, and made of sustainable resources. In my book those are all wins! For the quality of their rugs, they are truly a steal!

I plan on getting a Ruggable rug for my living room eventually, and can’t wait for that!


target rugs maybe you’re confused why I put Target on this list. Especially if you know me, you know i’m not a fan of shopping at super trendy stores like Target, but their rug selection seriously impressed me. They carry one of my favorite lines, Savafieh, and so many more!

Their rugs are very reasonably priced, and if you pay attention or sign up for their sale alerts, you will see that their home goods go on sale frequently (online). I wait until those sales to get a rug and get it shipped for free to my local store to pick up. I recently bought a rug for my kitchen from and paid $20 for it..originally $56 so I’d say it’s worthy of this list!

Rugs Direct

rugs direct review

Rugs Direct is another one that I haven’t personally ordered from – but back when I did E-design, many of my clients ended up ordering rugs from there. One of the best things they offer is 30-day trials. That is unheard of in home decor and furnishings. They will let you keep the rug in your home for 30 days and if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund..they also price match and offer free shipping!

They have a mega selection, kind of like Rugs USA. This is a great place to look if you know what you want – you may get overwhelmed with the sheer selection if you go in blindly!

Round up…

These are 5 of the top places I start with when I want to find a rug online, in a good price range, and know i’m going to get quality. Of course there are other online rug retailers, but in my personal experience the 5 listed above are the best.

Tell me in the comments below – where do you like to get your area rugs?

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  1. I love a big rug. Even if we have carpeted floors. They just add so much class. Typically I look at Marshalls or HomeGoods and try to find a deal, but it is hard to find one large enough.

    What’s your favorite system for cleaning rugs? I feel like my Oreck is too hard on it and that they don’t last very long (~ 2 years). But that could also be related to the quality of rug I am buying.

    1. Hey Zachary! I love big rugs too, they make any space cozier! I have area rugs over all my carpeted rooms.
      A lot of rugs just need shaken outside. I take mine out to my patio, spray them until they are soaked through with the hose, and then scrub them the old fashion way (with a bucket and brush on my hands and knees) with dawn dish soap and water. Then I rinse and let them sun dry.

      I have a bissel and it’s been okay on my rugs, but lower quality rugs will surely be ruined sooner. Did you check out Ruggable? They have rugs that you can machine wash!

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