DIY Beaded Chandelier

If you don’t think lighting is important in your home’s decor – think again. Especially in entryways, lighting makes a first impression, and you want it to be good! I have been eyeing up beaded chandeliers for months now, trying to find one that wasn’t going to break the bank – to no avail. That’s when I decided to DIY one (okay this is a partial DIY!)

Entryway design

My entryway was like the rest of my 1970’s house – bland and beige. Wood trim, brown doors, peachy-brown walls and brown carpet. Makes me itchy just writing that! I have big plans to brighten and lighten the whole space – but at this stage, I am working on the lighting.

I love mixing elements – smooth and textured, light and dark, etc. That’s why I LOVE beaded chandeliers. They work with a lot of styles as well – eclectic, coastal, boho, even classic. Since my house is a little bit of everything, I figured this was a style I could live with even when I change out furniture and decor.

Before. In no way, shape, or form is this light OKAY…


My inspiration was this $299 beaded chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids.

I loved the flush mount style – which is perfect for a room with low ceilings where you still want to create a dramatic impact. I also loved the twine and tassel – it makes it a little more casual and bohemian.

However, my budget for my entryway is only $400, so spending $300 on the light fixture alone was not an option.

diy beaded chandelier

Amazon to the rescue

No need to even explain my love for Amazon – if you’ve read my other posts about my budget friendly makeovers, you know that Amazon is my favorite place to find inexpensive pieces.

I searched high and low for a chandelier that I could “upgrade” or add to to make a beaded chandelier light fixture. I considered buying a lighting kit and completely making it myself, but after adding it all up, it costed the same as just buying one from Pottery Barn..but then I found this beaded chandelier from Amazon for $58.00!

diy beaded chandelier

The coloring of it was less than ideal, but the elements were all there. I knew it would only be a few simple steps to turn this into exactly what I wanted! (PS – this one is currently out of stock on Amazon – but a bronze one is still in stock for $20 more, which still makes this an affordable DIY) link here

DIY steps

This was a very simple DIY and pretty self explanatory! The chandelier came pretty much assembled – all the beads were together – so I simple splayed them out, sprayed them with my favorite spray paint. I use Rust-Oleum in flat white primer because I wanted a matte look, but couldn’t find a white matte spray paint that wasn’t chalk paint, and that was too matte. It only took one coat of this to cover everything! I sprayed everything (cover the electrical parts with painters tape!)

The beads were a bit tricky to get all sides – so if I had to do it over again, I would hang the light fixture outside and spray it – this would be easier to get all angles. I took the harder route, but it still worked out for me!

Once the paint was 100% dry (I waited 24 hours so it wasn’t tacky) I used jewelry twine and wrapped the rim and stem of the pendant. I have no idea if that’s the technical term – but you can see my the picture’s that it is pretty self explanatory where I wrapped it.

With a tiny bit of hot glue to secure the ends of the twine, the chandelier was then finished and ready for install!

Finished DIY Beaded Chandelier

Ignore the half painted wall! Still in makeover mode!

All in – I spent $80 on this entire project.

That’s a $219 savings from my inspiration chandelier, which is a #DIY-win in my book!

Check back for my full entryway reveal in a few weeks!! ♥

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