How I clean out my closet and add to my wallet!

Ever since I started my debt-free journey, clothes have been at the absolute bottom of the list for new purchases. Along with that, in 2019 I also tried to be as eco-conscience as I could, which meant saying goodbye to fast fashion.

Fast fashion, if you haven’t heard that term before, means “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” It’s not good for the planet, and with its low prices, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of buying more clothes and feeling like you’re not breaking the bank.

No clothes for 1 year.

I didn’t buy any clothes for all of 2019 unless it was a necessity. I did get some clothes as gifts for my birthday, so I wasn’t in a complete dry spell, but I didn’t spend money on new clothes. With one exception!

I had a rule where if I want something new that isn’t a necessity, I have to sell something I already own. This not only helps me keep the clutter to a minimum, but it keeps me on my debt-free journey. I’ve used a few techniques the past year to sell my clothes/items to buy new (new to me!)

Facebook Marketplace

I have used Facebook marketplace to sell mostly home items, and have tried selling clothes on here. Marketplace is very saturated so to stand out you need to have good photos and something that is more unique. For example, there may be 100 dining tables listed in my area, but if I list a Mid Century Modern vintage one, it’s going to sell quick.

For clothes, I’ve sold a few things, mostly higher ticket items. If something has to drive to pick something up (which is how FB marketplace typically works) then they don’t want to drive across town for a $5 t-shirt. I’ve sold some of my more expensive purses, coats and shoes on marketplace. I’ve also bundled a bunch of “women’s size small workout clothes” (for example) and sold the bag of it for a flat rate.

I’ve found this is the best approach for FB marketplace, and truly it can take a lot of time. You also have to renew your post every few weeks, as Facebook will take it down if no one is actively commenting on it.


Thred-up is one of my favorite finds of 2019! They are a mega online consignment store, but the reason I love them if for their sustainable practices and that they recycle your clothing by donation or reuse if they don’t end up selling.

Thred-up does something called a “clean out” box where you tell them how many boxes of clothes you have, they email you a pre-paid shipping label, and once you box up your items you can send it off! It’s that simple. It takes a week or two to process, and you can decide if you want the cash now, or if you want to sell items on consignment. I have done both. You certainly make more money selling consignment, but they only give you a limited time for them to sell, so i’ve also chosen the cash out option when I needed money right away.
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I know Poshmark has been around for some time, and I had heard so many fashion bloggers talk about it all year. Admittedly I hate doing anything on-trend, so I avoided Poshmark like the plaque. I thought it was just high-end clothing as a small discount, but I was wrong. I finally gave in in November and made a Poshmark account. I started listing my clothes on there, which took less time than posting to Facebook, and I successfully sold two items within a week! I made $34, which in turn I bought a dress from Poshmark for my bridal shower (new with tags, but 80% off!).

I love Poshmark now and can’t wait to see how much I can make on there this year. The key to success with Poshmark is taking really good photos. My photos are mostly rushed and could be a million times better. I plan on spending time over the next few weeks taking better pictures and cleaning out my wardrobe to make room for some thrifted Spring apparel!
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