How I clean out my closet and add to my wallet!

Ever since I started my debt-free journey, clothes have been at the absolute bottom of the list for new purchases. Along with that, in 2019 I also tried to be as eco-conscience as I could, which meant saying goodbye to fast fashion. Fast fashion, if you haven’t heard that term before, means “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” It’s not good for the planet, and with its low prices, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of buying more clothes and feeling like you’re not breaking the bank. No clothes for 1 year. I didn’t buy any clothes for all of 2019 unless it was a necessity. I did get some clothes as gifts for my birthday, so I wasn’t in a complete dry spell, but I didn’t spend money on new clothes. With one exception! I had a rule where if I want something new that isn’t a necessity, I have to sell something I already own. This not only helps me keep the clutter to a minimum, but it keeps me on my debt-free journey. I’ve used a few techniques the past year to sell my clothes/items to buy new (new to me!) Facebook Marketplace I have used Facebook marketplace to sell mostly home items, and have tried selling clothes on here. Marketplace is very saturated so to stand out you need to have good photos and something that is more unique. For example, there may be 100 […]

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