The truth behind social media and mental health

“You can not pour from an empty vessel” There are many conversations about mental health and social media..and yet they are brushed under the rug. It’s no shock to anyone that social media, and technology in general takes a tool on people, yet it’s a part of our everyday lives. The scariest part is, I believe most of us don’t even realize what it is doing to our psyche. The big companies who run social media brainstorm and implement ways every single day to make us more addicted. And if you don’t believe me, go into to public and count how many people are looking at their phone verse talking or watching their real life take place in front of them. It’s a cold truth, one that makes me truly unsettled. People are more concerned with getting a picture of their favorite outfit, snapping a picture of a scenic view, and immediately posting. Did they even take it in..or did they just snap the picture to show off and walk away? I don’t think social media, namely Instagram is evil. I do think though it has become a place that fosters negative things however. Can you live without it? Having a blog and hoping to make my living with that and Instagram..I had to have a real heart to heart with myself. The ugly + scary kind. I had to look myself in the mirror and ask a question that I have been terrified to answer. “Can I walk away […]

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