Move-In day & Pinterest Overwhelm

If you are anything like me, you are a Pinterest addict. Before I even go to Google, I go to Pinterest, and I search for answers there. I be fair most of the things I’m Googling are home decor and food related, but I can easily spend an hour a day on Pinterest just going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of Paleo cupcakes and gallery wall inspiration. Even though Pinterest is by far my favorite website, and I use it for business, it also is super overwhelming. As y’all know, I’m an interior designer. I own Honey Bee Interior Design  and I often ask my clients if they have a Pinterest board or inspiration images to help me better understand what they are dreaming of for their space [a picture is worth a thousand words, am I right?]. However I also know the extreme overwhelm…let me explain. You want a farmhouse style living room, so that’s what you search. Two hours later, you have 100 “Pins” of what you like for that space, and no real direction on where to start. It’s not like the pictures say “Here, buy this sofa first, then do this to your walls, and the paint color is _____, and the budget for this room is $2,500″. It’s just a picture, sometimes linked to a blog post…but still it’s just a starting point. Now let’s get real. I tell my clients something I started to tell myself..and actually had to practice what I […]

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