How to work remotely from an RV

“Wait, you work remotely…from your RV? How!?” That is a question that I’ve gotten so much since starting my full-time RV life that I decided I would finally write a blog post on it and answer everyone’s burning questions! I’ll be writing this in Question & Answer style, and try to hit all the questions i’ve been asked! If you have additional questions, please comment or email me directly and I’ll update the blog with more info! What do you do for work/how do you work remotely? I am not retired, or independently wealthy. I am just a digital nomad millennial (along with my husband who also works from the road). I am very lucky in the fact that i’ve actually worked full-time remotely for the last 5 years for a virtual design company. I am a creative marketer and interior designer, so for me it wasn’t about going remote, but going part-time. I worked 40+ hours a week prior to RVing, but once I started mapping out travels and realizing I could not work full time and actually experience the amazing places I was visiting, I worked out a schedule with my company. I now work part time from the road (15/20 hours weekly) and have a very flexible schedule. I can’t even express my gratitude that this is possible, but it works wonderfully for me. Not a lot changed in the way I work – I have my laptop and a good pair of headphones and that’s about […]

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