Sharpie Shiplap Wall

When you think of a Shiplap, Sharpie is probably not the first thing to come to mind! However, this faux Sharpie Shiplap wall is seriously my new obsession. Budget options I wanted to do something visually interesting to my wall, but it had to meet two criteria: be simple and be very inexpensive. This ultimately ruled out a shiplap wall, however my heart was still intent on it, so I started brainstorming. A follower of mine on Instagram messaged me a few weeks ago asking me if i’ve heard of Sharpie wall designs. Apparently it’s a new thing and stenciling with a permanent marker is in..I was unamused. Until I realized I could do this with shiplap. A quick Pinterest search showed me that other home DIY’er had done this! There were a few tutorials out there, but nothing real simple, so I just winged it. Now I have a SUPER simple tutorial for you! Instructions for DIY faux Sharpie Shiplap wall: Items needed:– Oil Pen Black Sharpie in medium tip– Level– Straight edge (ruler or yardstick work)– Tape measure– Pencil I started by measuring from the top of the wall down, marking with pencil every 7 inches. I did this every 12″ horizontally across the wall. (however if you have a long level or yard stick you can do every 24″ across) I then started at the top again and lined up my ruler and level with the measurement marks. I lightly traced a line across the wall. I […]

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