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As you all know – I am all about budget makeovers in my home. So when I redid my entire kitchen for under $500..I knew I had to share. But even more so than budget, I like simple and easy [I mean who doesn’t?] so when I decided to add backsplash to my fabulously 1970’s kitchen, I knew I wasn’t going to shell out the money on tile and labor. That’s when I discovered the magic of Tic Tac Tiles!

The past few years I’ve been dreaming about a subway tile backsplash. That might sounds pretty basic, but Subway tile is amazing for so many reasons. First, it’s completely versatile! It goes with all styles: modern farmhouse, vintage, contemporary, eclectic..just to name a few. It’s kind of all encompassing, so I knew even if my style changed over the years, Subway tile was the way to go! Secondly, it looks clean and simple, which is what I’m all about. I like my colors and patterns in my textiles and dinnerware (let’s be mugs) so I kept it simple on backsplash.

If you are lost on what Tic Tac Tiles are…let me fill you in. They are peel and stick wall tiles that come in pre-sized sheets of 10″x10″ or 12″x12″. I know what you’re thinking..tacky, cheap, and unsanitary. That’s what I was thinking too when I thought about putting vinyl on my kitchen wall (I mean..I’m trying to move AWAY from the 1970’s) , but I did my research and was thoroughly impressed! They are thick, realistic looking, and when they are up you really can’t tell the difference between real ceramic and vinyl tile. Literally all I did was wipe my wall down with all purpose cleanser and stick these babies up! They can also go over existing (smooth) backsplash if you had some you want to cover up.

Tic Tac Tiles are:

  • Anti-mold & anti-bacterial
  • Heat & Humidity resistant 
  • Easy to cut (I used scissors!)
  • Eco friendly (made of non-toxic material)
  • removable with a hairdryer (won’t damage walls…rental property perk!)
  • Save time and money – no labor costs
You should also know that I’m super impatient and a total non-perfectionist. I didn’t have a straight-edge or cut in a straight line..I just slapped these on the wall because I was eager to cover up the salmon pink walls. And guess what? It worked. I mean don’t go on there just putting them up crooked..but you don’t have to be *that* skilled to use Tic Tac Tiles.

If Subway tile isn’t your thing – no worries, they have 40 tile options!

But back to my kitchen.
I put these tiles up in one afternoon. We just got the keys to our house, there was NO electricity (we may have forgot to get it turned on) I was working in a dim and hot kitchen, and still manage to make it turn out okay. “Putting up tile” literally was as easy as putting sticker on a piece of paper.
(If you want the official installation guide – click hereWord of caution – if you have outlets or other obstacle to cut around, measure twice & cut once! I didn’t take this advice and had to order another pack because I messed a few up – but that’s because I’m impatient. If you want to finish off the edges, you can buy white caulking and seal it in. This will give it a complete and polished look.
Below are pictures from my actual kitchen makeover! You can see the scale of the tile, the sheen, and the grout lines. They do not look plastic or cheap, but sit flat on the wall and look like real tile!
Money Spent On backsplash makeover:

Time it took total:

  • 2 hours

Level of Difficulty:

  • beginner


I’ll check back in with y’all in a few months for an update on how they are holding up! I’m just as curious as you!

Want to see how my whole kitchen turned out? Click here!

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