I ordered from an online paint company and this is how it went.

*this post is not sponsored in any capacity. I just wanted to provide my truthful review*

Let me start by saying, like most Americans, lock-down had(s) me going stir crazy. I’ve never spent so much time looking at the interior walls of my home..which got me to thinking that this is an excellent time to paint my walls. The only problem is, I can’t just go grab paint at the hardware store right now. That’s when I turned to my trusted friend, Instagram!

I posed my issue of wanting to repaint some rooms in my house, but not being able to get back. Well ask and you shall receive! Over 20 of my followers recommended Clare paints. Being a designer and home decor blogger I was shocked and slightly embarrassed that I didn’t know about Clare or that you could order paint online. I mean it’s 2020 but I just didn’t think that was a possibility!

First things first, I perused their website. Automatically I was entrigued and pleased because I saw this. (screen shots directly from their website!)

Finally! Paint I can feel good about using and that my fiance won’t complain about smelling up the house for days. I ordered a few swatched from the website and for less than $8 I had a few very large peel and stick “swatches” with paint colors I was interested in in my home! I left them up on the walls for about 10 days before I decided which color to go with!

I ordered the paint, and though it was more than I wanted to spend on paint, it was worth it. I have bought my fair share of cheap paint in the past, and let me tell you, when you’re spreading water thin paint for the 5th layer on the same wall, you will curse and wish you would’ve just bought the quality paint to begin with! Within 4 days I had a beautifully packaged gallon of “Dirty Martini” interior paint and new roller covers to start my dining room makeover.

The paint went on like BUTTER. I’m telling you I literally squealed out loud because I was so excited about how luxurious this paint felt rolling it on the wall. I painted over very dark green walls (see below) so I was planning on having to do two coats minimum. I could’ve gotten away with one coat of Clare paint, but I decided to do two just for extra saturation.

The dark green color BEFORE painting with Clare paint

The craziest thing is, I painted the dining room one evening after work and we ate dinner in it 20 minutes later. You couldn’t smell a thing. My fiance was blown away! So chemical stench or headache. That is well worth it in my book.

I painted my whole dining room which is about 10×12′ with two coats, and still have 2/3 of my gallon of Clare paint left. That is incredible to me!

Full Disclosure: While painting with the roller cover I bought from Clare, the roller started to shed really bad. It was coming apart and sticking to my wall which was really disappointing. I sent them a picture via Instagram, at 8:30 at night mind you, and they replied within 3 minutes. They apologized and asked for my address, letting me know they were sending me a new replacement for free right away. That makes me so happy and without a doubt, I can give their customer service 5 gold stars.

I was so hesitant to order paint online from Clare, it’s not something I had ever done. But now, I’m hooked! I’m already looking at what my 2nd gallon is going to me for my bedroom because I just can’t believe how amazing this service is.

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