Cutting Edge Wall Stencil 101 + Budget Makeover

cutting edge wall stencil

Full Disclosure: I sought out a partnership with cutting edge stencils because I was truly interested in using their products for my makeover. I received a free wall stencil in return for a 100% honest review. Please see my affiliate disclosure for products listed in this post HERE. Makeover Time When I first decided to redo my guest room, I started like I started many projects..gathering inspiration. I started scrolling through Pinterest for ideas when I came across a space with a beautiful statement wall. I thought “wow, I would love to wallpaper the wall behind the bed..but wallpaper is expensive and messy.” I clicked on the picture anyway and was blown away when I read that it was a wall stencil, not wallpaper! Immediately I was intrigued! I started Googling wall stencils, and time after time, Cutting Edge Wall Stencils came up. Then I started noticed that many people I follow on Instagram were using wall stencils..and I was smitten with the idea. I had to try it! Why I chose a wall stencil over wallpaper (and would again) First of all, the cost of using a wall stencil is significantly less than using wallpaper. I had to do my guest room makeover on a tight budget, so using a stencil only made sense. You don’t have to measure for an exact amount (one stencil can be used over and over again to fill as much wall space as you need) If I ever wanted to change it, I […]

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