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As an interior designer, you'd think that designing outdoor spaces would be easy for me. hint hint it's not! Decorating
If I got a nickel for every time I was asked what paint colors I use in my home..well i'd
Shopping for rugs can be annoying, overwhelming, and truly like you are spinning tires. If you order it online, you
I think my love of dollar stores started when I was a little girl. My nana would take me to
cutting edge wall stencil
Full Disclosure: I sought out a partnership with cutting edge stencils because I was truly interested in using their products
Since Brian and I have moved into our 1970's fixer-upper, we have been doing low cost renovations and makeovers all
combining style
What's more challenging - moving in with someone or deciding on a decor style for your home? How about doing
If you don't think lighting is important in your home's decor - think again. Especially in entryways, lighting makes a
At I sit here, writing my blog post at my newly built DIY wood desk, I'm so excited! Maybe it's
I truly believe everyone has there own style. I have a very unique style, and when I first started my